Equilibratrice Ravaglioli GP4.140SCAN

Monitor LCD Full HD 22″, PC industriale con hard Disk statico, grafica 3D, Sistema «SCAN» per il rilevamento automatico del profilo del cerchiociclo automatico, bloccaggio ruota pneumatico, autovettura, diametro cerchione 10 – 30″, diametro max. ruota 44″

In AUTO mode the balancer does everything AUTOMATICALLY:

  • Balancing program selection
  • Spoke count
  • Position of hidden weights

After lowering the hood the sonar detects automatically wheel dimensions. The laser scans rim profile. Software guided balancing: summarizes the way in which you are working and suggests additional operations. Weights position in memorized automatically. Automatic check of spoke quantity for proper positioning of hidden weights. The laser pointer indicates the exact position where to stick the weights. Pneumatic Locking.

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Equilibratrice Ravaglioli GP4.140SCAN

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